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Dynamic Tonality Exposure System


The Concept

DynaTone Exposure System is created by understand the camera most basic metering and exposure system; AVERAGE Metering System and NEUTRAL Exposure System. The combination of this two default exposure system is designated to detect the AVERAGE luminance from scene and NEUTRALise the total input and deliver one exposure reading which will allow the image being recorded according to the capability of the CMOS or film.
The NEUTRAL calibration will given an exposure reading which will allow a set of regional tonality to be recorded by CMOS/Film with the initial tonality position starting from the middle gray tonality position and distribute the highlight and shadow tonality according the luminance from scene.
And DynaTone Pre-visualize Exposure system is designated to identified the regional tonality which we needed to be recorded correctly and set the exposure reading at the center NEUTRAL position of that particular set of regional tonality, thus the original tonality presented at scene can be faithfully recorded.

Tonality – Hard To See But So Essential

Tonality is not the same as value or tone although it helps to explain value or tonal relationships. While value refers to the relative lightness or darkness of things independent of color (as in a black and white photograph), tonality has to do with the way colors unify.
When Monet said it is the “surrounding atmosphere which gives subjects their true value” he was referring to tonality or quality of light (atmosphere) in which a subject exists. Tonality is the quality of light that bathes everything.


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