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The heart of the images

There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.

Ansel Adams

Photography is an art. And just like any other form of art, photography is the medium to express your visual. How well your photographs make an expression depends on how well the expression is communicated. While you may still be using a compact camera, it is still important to understand that there’s nothing too difficult about it and that you have already been practicing this all this while – after all you’ve clicked children smiling and flowers and the sunsets. They all express something. Here are a few tips on refining the artist in you.


At an abstract level , photographs and images are symbolic – an figure & ground relationaship, the first focus & the second’s relationship, a distinctive angle of visual style, a form or shape metaphor something. It is therefore important to know what the scene conveys and how to get the best out of norm.


People react in various ways when they look at a picture. It depends on how they interpret the massage, their background, the culture they belong to. Thus different people will have different reaction and understanding of your work. Believe in yourself and be open to feedback. Understand that not everyone has the ability to critically analyze a photograph.


Once you know how photographs are interpreted it’s time to develop your own expression and practice the art. Like every painter’s or musician’s work has their signature your photography will bear the hallmark of your personality. Groom your expression and individuality.

Draw inspiration

Great photography tell the story just by the images itself, the language within is universal. Study the work of great photographers and see what their work speaks. This will inspire the creative and the artist in you.

Don’t lose heart

I don’t know of a photographer whose every shot is an art master piece. In the film days the learning process was long and a steep curve. In the days of the digital it’s easy – shoot and delete. Every professional shoots thousands of photographs only a few of which are really usable. The ratio of good shots versus the rest will be an indicator of your progress; so don’t lose heart – it’s just a matter of time and even professionals aren’t perfect. Soon you’ll see that most of your photos are coming out great and only a few are off the mark.

Don’t lose direction

Due to the digital camera invention and the advance of the photo editting application, most of the amatuer or even professional are relaying on the software advantage. Shooting thousands of images like a pro without a seconds in thought, and working like a slave in front of computer to cover the mess, yes, you might have plenty of skill on tweaking the mess into the art. When this happen, you’re about to lose your direction to be a photographer with a good eyes, and become a photoshoper with a good retouching skill. So which way is you now?







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