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Pre-Experimental Workshop on CMYK Pre-press

Why every time when there is material to deliver, everything just can’t go smoothly and execute professionally?


It take how long to train a graphic design to be handle pre-press experience ready? Minimum 2 years, or after 5 years still only have 50/50 confident in dealing with pre-press?


Why most of the graphic professional keep produce great work via adobe application and you still in the mid of trial-and-error to figuring out how to handle it like a pro?

The Common Perception

Most of the non-graphic related professional belief, all of the graphic professional who graduate with no matter is diploma, degree or even master should be capable to handle print production job perfectly, which mean no mistake at all, cause by theory, you should be able to counter most of the predictable printing error. But unfortunately there is an misunderstanding regarding the art and graphic design education and real life experience. Graphic design education doesn’t teach knowledge that outside “graphic design” subject cause that have to relaying on the student itself. example: photograph retouching, expertise in adobe application, photography, pre-press, print production, paper and ink effect and more…, graphic design study only purely learning anything related to graphic design aesthetic only, ex. layout composition, typography usage, color theory, history of art, contemporary art and even conceptual art.

Its just like there is no professional education teach how to use camera to take photograph, but there is a professional study in Art of Photography, which is mean it study art. Camera and photography related equipment, all it just a tool to execute the art, that will not be teach by the academy.

Graphic professional may know the theory, but a prefect theory require a trial-and-error experience to fine turning their knowledge by optimize their theory and practical to fit into the real life experience and factor which is not available in book. ex. dry, wet, hot and cold can influence the ink-on-paper factor, experience in pre-visualize CMYK via RGB environment, experience in judging images quality from sources, all this experience request a real working environment as the training ground,  Thus with the knowledge and the experience’s optimization, graphic professional only able to minimize the error in print production process, and from there on only able make perfect print.

Common Error Occur On Delivered Finishing Art:

Cost incur due to unable to deliver material that fix publication requirement
Ink Limited excess or insufficient for publication requirement
Finishing-Art doesn’t qualified in quality and specification thus delay delivery, late charge incur
Deliver unqualified Finishing-Art to unprofessional printer, error occur, reprint and surcharge incur
Graphic Artist using unprofessional way to produce art work that create low quality final print
Inexperience cause time consuming, cost incur, waste of human resources and late delivery

Therefore print production knowledge is not just a theory alone can master, the experience involve identified images color character and choose the right color profiling method, pre-press work-flow and prepare the high-end, high-quality and high definition digital plate file, and as-well-as what paper so which ink-limited and what dot-gain. All those experience need years of trial-and-error and experimental with varies material.

Shortcut To Better Print Production

In the common environment of an advertising agency when come to print production or press publication, the whole team start to stress up and panic. It’s due to lack of experience on deal with color manage of the complicated and formatting integration with artwork. Its very less chances we only using one application to create the fascinated artwork, if do, the pre-press process is simple and less error. With just a common creative artwork, it definitely involve the usage of Photoshop images, graphic from illustrator and laying it out via InDesign, with the involve of this three application, the file format that involve will definitely more then just PSD, AI and INDD, it might also involve TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PDF, RAW, BMP and even PNG.

Here we offer our client more then twenty years of  trial-and-error experience, therefore, to achieve by provide your graphic team the pre-experimental print production experience ahead. Thus to achieve minimum or zero error on sending a job to high-end print or online media publication.

Why Today Ad & Designer Needed To Work-on Color Separation Themselves?

Plate-less Digital Pre-Press has mutual, traditional color separation labs lose it function, and some even convert to digital printer, Pre-press digital media online submitted has slowly become the latest method media submitting channel. (ex. submit through AsiaOnTime, Datamation and more…)
Digital media submitting provider doesn’t provided solution for creative color separation, in fact they only request your digital media has to meet they default requirement.
Art & Design education too concentric on software education more the real life production knowledge.
Digital gadget and online publishing has growth wild, consumer, prosumer and professional standard has confuse.
Color management responsibility has diverted back to services provider (advertising agency & design company).


Who Will Benefited?

In-House Designer Who Involve In CMYK Printing, PrePress for Press and Magazine.
Who Dealing With Online Submit Of Digital CMYK Soft Proofed File. (ex. Asia OnTime)
Who Dealing With Prepare CMYK File For Offset or Inkjet Printing. (ex.Leaflet, Brochure and Inkjet or CMYK Photo Album)
Photographer or Photo Retouch Artist Who Prepare Digital Images For Their client or Graphic Industrial Usage.

Course Objectives:

Identify the preparation steps of printing a commercial project using digital offset lithography and submit online digital publication PDF.
Unify the combination usage of InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to effectively manage color separation for digital offset.
Pre-define common error when using complicated mixture or application platform and mixture of art element.
Identify and select appropriate options for inks, paper, varnishes, and special printing processes.
Choose spot colors, simulate spot colors with CMYK, and create color tints and mixed inks.
Translate print specifications into a complete design using PANTONE swatches, color management, photo preparation, and print techniques including special effects.
Pre-proofing via soft-proof by achieving to reduce the cost of a print job on proofing  and color mismatch.
Preflight a print project, checking for and resolving issues with color ink limit, black overprint, rich black, under-color-replacement, dot gain and more….
Create packages and Prepress PDFs of print jobs to send for offline and online digital plate publishing.
Identify steps in the prepress, soft proofing, press proofing and press check processes involved in completing a print job.

4-color-1-images Workshop

Workshop Sessions Detail

Four Color One Images – Advance Photoshop

What images is made of (RGB 2 CMYK)
Black is the “KEY” (Advance Photoshop color correction)
Unwanted color, you need it most (Advance Photoshop color correction)
Advance Photoshop Channel (myth behind the channel)
Observe, analysis and fine-turning CMYK plate and ready for pre-press
Pre-flight with Photoshop with TIFF and PDF format

Calculate The Color’s No. – Advance Illustrator

The transparency isn’t transparent
Multiple layer of graphic and images, resolve multiple error
The interwoven of spot color, CMYK graphic, CMYK images and the combination
Observe, analysis and fine-turning CMYK plate and ready for pre-press
Pre-flight with Illustrator with EPS and PDF

Pre-flight your art – Advance Pre-Press

Color profile management across InDesign, illustrator and photoshop, who in-charge?
Problem solving on complicated artwork with the mix use of graphic and images layers
Unified link object color(illustrator, photoshop and more…) to one master CMYK plate
Observe, analysis and fine-turning CMYK plate and ready for pre-press
Pre-flight with InDesign and PDF

Saturday In-Office 4-color-1-images Workshop Package

In-Office 4-color-1-images Workshop

2 Saturday X 6 hours workshop session (11:00am – 5:00pm)
Hang-on and real experience on most common error
Hang-on on preflight prepress PDF for online and offline digital plate publishing
Provide step-by-step document guide after the session for easy references
After workshop phone technical support (limited time)
Per-company per-session

3x Sessions RM2400.00 per person

Photoshop Session RM1600.00 per person

(InDesign & Illustrator sessions can’t separated without Photoshop session)

For further inquiry, please email us with below detail:

Your name, email and contact
Your company name
Company address and contact no.
Estimated how many person will attend the session


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